Friday, 13 June 2008

The first entry ever

Welcome along to my brand new blog.

This is the place to come to discuss everything that happens on the Early Breakfast show on Radio 1. That's the show I do, in case you didn't realise.

Anywaaaay, welcome along.

I'm new to all this, but it'll all pan out quite nicely when we're a few entries in, I'm sure. I'll be sharing with you some of the stuff I get up to after the show, funny things I might see out and about, and any other random stuff I come across on the Internet. All sorts, its going to be an exciting experiment and all I can say is you won't wanna miss a post because who knows what I'm going to end up writing. I say this, because I'm nearly always tired and delirious.

This is also a place for my friends and family to find out what I've been up to so that I don't feel as bad when I don't ring them.

Sooooooo, this week on the big show has been very busy indeed. It started off on Monday night when I was lucky enough to go to the taping of the final episode of The Apprentice (THE absolute best show on the TV right now - no contest).

All the stars were there, Lorraine Kelly, Sarah Greene and her husband Mike Smith (remember them?), Carole Smilie and Vanessa Feltz. Impressed? Probably not. Well, let me just say this...I also met Sir Alan himself, and managed to chat to him about business for about 3 minutes. He is just like he is on TV. Stern. I also met Nick Hewer (pictured above), one of Sir Alan's aids, and he was great. Very nice guy and he agreed to do an interview for the show - which you can hear here:

Tuesday saw the arrival of my first ever Live Lounge performance by the North East's premier holiday park act, 'The Stilleto Girlz'. They did a couple of covers for me, and you can see the video of it all here.

I also went to Jenny Abramsky's summer drinks party the other evening. Jenny Abramsky is the Queen of radio at the BBC, she is the boss of all bosses and also a lovely lady. Met her there and she knew who I was, which was good news, but the thing she remembered was that I was the bloke "who dressed up as Kylie". Remember that?! Crazy days eh? All the stars of the BBC were there - Alan Titchmarsh, Nicholas Parsons (from Just a Minute), Richard Bacon and the god of the airwaves - Terry Wogan.

So, Monday I went to The Apprentice, and Wednesday I was sipping wine with BBC legends. What happened Thursday I hear you ask? Well, on Thursday, I had a day which I like to call "At home with Greg". I cleaned the shower, washed my pants and changed the sheets. I wonder if Terry ever has to do that?

If you're bored, you could pretend you're me and play this little game I found.

Anyway, that's all for now I think. If there's anything else, I'll just pop back and shove it up on here.


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